Sunday, August 21, 2011


The majority of my reading is Speculative Fiction. Every once in a while though I'll pick up a Romance novel and find myself remembering why I love the genre so much! The Smoke Thief is a wonderful historical novel that has me hunting down all of Shana's book and slipping into a romantic reading marathon!

It's England 1737, and unbeknowst to the general public Dragons are alive and well. Over the centuries they have learned to assume human form as a means for protection. In Darkfirth England the majority of the English dragons reside . Among them is Clarissa Rue a young girl who hasn't manifested any drakon abilities. she lives a life of loneliness. As a halfling (half human) she doesn't really have the respect of the clan. When she does develop powers she decides to use them to escape, building a life for herself in England as the notorious Smoke Thief, liberator of jewels from the rich,

When Alpha dragon Marquess Christoff and the council become aware of her actions they lay a plan to capture her. What Christoff doesn't expect is that the thief is a woman or expect the immediate attraction between them.

This is a wonderful read! I was really swept away by the location and the character's . The romantic tension really draws the reader in and there are several blush worthy moments :) I really enjoyed Rue and her struggle for independence despite her growing attachment to Christoff. The Dragon element was equally enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.


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