Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comic Book Curious? The New DC Might Be For You

I have  confession. If you don't follow me on twitter you might not know that I'm a HUGE comicbook fangirl! I do cover comics from time to time on my blog but mostly review for COMICBOOK THERAPY. There is an amazing shift going on with one of comics biggest publishers that really opens the door for new readers:

DC comics The New 52. In the month of September the entire DC comic universe is becoming rebooted and new reader family. Here are some books I suggest for for different Genre readers:

Action Comics # 1
ON SALE 9/7/11

Superman. even non-comic readers know and love him, and now he has come home to the title that was the source of his debut many years ago. The most important thing about this reboot? Grant Morrison. Grant is a master writer and a wonderful choice to helm series. This book is a must for anyone that loves superhero fiction .

ON SALE 9/28/11
Vampire's are a thriving in the world of popular fiction. Now DC gives us a story of two vampires and former lovers , and their relationship with humanity: one wants to protect the other to destroy. Mary, Queen of Blood looks like a very interesting character. I'm looking forward to reading this. 


Fantasy fans will really take to the world of Demon Knights. Set in the past DCU it stars The Demon Etrigan and a group of warriors moving through a dangerous world. I'm such a fan of The Demon! This book is one I 'm really looking forward too




The Green Lantern Corps is a definite choice for Science Fiction fans. While the flagship title : Green Lantern focus on Hal Jordan, with the Corps we get a look at the variety of races that are members of the GL Corp. With the premiere of the Green Lantern Animated series this month this book is definetly going to be a great companion read for all the new GL fans :)


The Batman Family has expanded! Yes everyone's favorite Dark Knight is back in several books but we also have the return of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and the Batman of Africa: Batwing. Divesrity is one the mission statements of this new DC and there are several minority characters and women helming their own books. I'm looking forward to both of these.
DC is also doing same day Digital Release which means IPad and Lap top owners can download books directly to their computers. DC is also keeping their prices reasonable with the majority of thre books costing $2.99.
To learn more about DC and their books look HERE 

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Manga Maniac said...

You have made me interested in some of DC releases - I might actually check a few of them out when they are released as graphic novels. Thanks for the post!