Wednesday, September 21, 2011



I was really excited to see what the authors in this anthology will come up with . Austen purists shouldn't be too upset with these stories many take add a unique twist to are Austen favorites.

This was my favorite of the stories. Mary Balogh is a master at creating atmosphere and romance. In this story Jane meets Robert a none to suitable partner who captures her heart despite the differences i their status.. For John it is a thrilling yet fearful prospect falling in love with Jane. For he can see their past lives and up until now they have always been persuaded by outside forces to part. I really enjoyed this story , more so because it wasn't an exact retelling of an Austen story.

Northranger Castle

Interesting take on the original tale. I liked Caroline's obsession with books but the story lagged a bit before reaching its conclusion.I also wanted to know more about the vampire characters.

Blood &Prejudice

I was impressed on how well the original story could be updated to a modern day corporate story but i found the romance a little lacking despite a vampire Darcy.

Little To Hex Her

Quite the change for our Knightly and Emma! they are both Witches and Emma runs a successful matchmaking company. All the usual suspects make appearances in this one and it contains many blush worthy romantic scenes. :)

An enjoyable anthology I really like 2 of the four.


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