Wednesday, September 14, 2011

REVIEW: DEMON #1 by Cornell & Neves

Fantasy fans open to dipping their feet into Comics have no greater opportunity then with Demon. knights by Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves!

Beginning at the fall of Camelot we see Merlin binding the Demon Etrigan, (whom he has been controlling and using for Arthur's final battle) to the hapless Jason of Norwich.

Now at the height of the Dark Ages the Questing Queen has been marching North leaving death and destruction in her wake!
So what happens when this Queen meets Jason Blood and his new companions? Why a Dark Ages smack down of course!

Cornell's enjoyment of this character and the time period is evident! There is dark humor and great action. Long time DC comic readers will notice some familiar characters but this book is also new reader friendly.

And the art! Neves and Albert are amazing! Look at this creepy bit:

Magic,Sword Fights and even a Dragon or two. Get thee to a comic store at once!!! Or make a note to pick up the first trade collection :) But honestly why wait?

Visit your local Comic Shop or download the DC comics or Comixology app on your lap top or Ipad to purchase

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