Wednesday, September 7, 2011




Two of my favorite things! Jane Austen and comics! I heard positive buzz about Marvels adaption of Pride & Prejudice though I haven't read it yet. With Sense & Sensibility being my second favorite Austen novel I decided to pick this up from the Borders sale. First of all the art by Sonny Liew is very well done. There is a wonderful pastel watercolor shading through out and the sisters are very well illustrated. There are even cute little mini versions or "chibi" figures of the characters that create fun little interludes. Unfortunately the romance has been leeched out of this adaption.

Elinor and Margaret are aptly realizedbut you don't get a sense of the romance that was prevalent in Austen's novel. Even the dramatic scenes lack the strength to get a true emotional reaction from the reader. This might be a way to introduce a teen to the world of Austen but I don't think they would be interested in reading more about her afterwards :( I applaud Marvel's attempt at these adaptions and will give the Pride & Prejudice adaption a try .


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