Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Before The Walking Dead there was Deadworld. In the late 80's I was a huge fan of the DeadWorld series. It was during the height of my discovery of the horror universe of books, movies and comics. It was a bit of a struggle being a Deadworld fan. As an independent comic the releases weren't regular and the book was often hard to find at the newsstand. The advent of Graphic Novel collections made it much easier. Now IDW has started a series of Omnibus collections.

This Omnibus collects three min-series and a one shot. Requiem for the Dead shows a group of survivors on the run and being confronted by one of Deadwood's creepiest characters: King Zombie, a zombie that can talk!

There is also a mystical element to this series as King Zombie is on the hunt for a "opener" a person who can open a mystical portal to let more of the undead spirits to possess humans. Lots of great gory zombie action and an interesting story.

Dead World Frozen Over changes the focus to New York where we see what happened to the East Coast . King Zombie shows up looking for an opener only to find the entire city is under a magical portal that traps the undead in NY and won't allow any new undead to enter. More mystical elements and great zombie art.

Slaughterhouse the final mini didn't really appeal to me the art made it hard to enjoy. this min focus on evil scientist s doing eviler experiments. Some good zombie action but not my favorite. All of these series are pretty current. A mixed bag but I would love them to reprint the older issues as well. I;m sure some of those exist, I will definitely be looking out for them:) Deadworld is a grand experiment and really has a special place int the history of horror comics.

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