Monday, October 17, 2011

REVIEW: TRIANGLES by Ellen Hopkins


Describing Authors can be done several different ways. For Ellen I always think of the words "A Ellen Hopkins Novel. " From her unique poetic style that many try to emulate but rarely succeed, to her exploration of the shadows in our personalities and our hearts. Known for her YA novels exploring addiction issues and abuse, Triangles is the story of 3 women at life's midpoint.

They all are stuck. Their traps range from Holly's "perfect" life that she escapes from with excessive flirting with random men and secret erotica writings.For Andrea it is the challenges of a single mom coupled with the struggle to find love. Andrea looks at Holly's life with envy and contemplates taking a husband Holly barely desires.

For Marissa it is the life devoted to a sick daughter who is dying slowly and ripping her mind and heart apart. She also chooses not to look at the reasons for her husbands continued absences.

There is a stillness in this novel that resonates with uncertainty and the desire for change. How could either of these women walk out of the responsibilities their lives entail? I think women of similar ages will really respond to the situations they all encounter and be split on the decisions they all make. I connected with all of these women but mostly with Holly because I really didn't like her! :) I thought she was horribly selfish and hated all her actions. The careless way she risks her family really irked me!

As i explored my feelings later I think I envied her a bit, many women become trapped in what others expect of them, it takes a lot to break out of that.

The pace of this book is subtle. The action is restrained and strung taut. When the pieces of their lives implode however it opens up something else. Hope.

Hopkins poetic style is in fine form but I did struggle a bit getting to know the characters. It wasn't until the very end that I fully connected with them.

A realistic exploration of Women's lives experiences and dreams. Really enjoyed it even though some of the topics were a little heavy.


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