Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review:Chopper by Shapiro & Ferreyra

I dedicate my whole October to reading scary books , watching my favorite Horror movies and also trying what ever new horror comics are out every year. The Headless Horseman is an iconic Horror character.

I was intrigued by Chopper because it took that concept and modernized it to a headless biker. The story opens with a glimpse into teen Christina's world. Daughter of a Police Officer Christina has little respect for the law as she routinely drinks alcohol at school and sells drugs. She is an interesting character, it's obvious she feels trapped in her life despite friends and an active role in the school cheer squad.

This first issue is primarily set up as we learn about Christina and a new drug she's selling: Stairway to Heaven. In fact her first buyer ends up becoming a victim to the Chopper. The art team does a great job conveying the Daytona Beach setting and all the grisly Chopper bits. There is a but of random nudity but overall I was pleased with how the female characters are handled.
With the second issue not due til December it's a bit of a wait but I'm looking forward to issue 2. The whole book and upcoming Web TV series has the look and feel of 80's Horror films which I have a bit of nostalgia for .

In interesting read definitely for readers 18 and over.
Check out for more info on the series.

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This actually looks pretty awesome!