Saturday, October 8, 2011

REVIEW:GRAVESIGHT GN by Harris, Harms & Medri


I love when my two favorite passions come together! Comics and my favorite authors! This adaption of Grave Sight form Dynamite books is very well done. Its interesting to see and artists representation of Harper and Tolliver, I visualized Harper a lot differently but i like what the artists have done with Tolliver. This is an adaption of the novel Grave Sight. For those not Familiar with the  Grave Sight series, it chronicles the cases of Harper a young woman who can sense the dead. She is hired by a variety of different clients with different motives who all often think she is a freak or doubt her skill. With her step brother Tollover they travel across the United States trying to make a living but inadvertently getting drawn into crime solving and accusations of witchcraft.

In this first volume  Harper and Tolliver have just finished a job and are anxious to get out of town.  The problem is a women connected with their recent case ends up dead.  I love what the art team  does with this book and  the  representation of Harper's gift through the use of glowing eyes ,and different color pallets to represent the spirits she finds. This volume is a fun treat for lovers of Charlaine's book as well as a great jump on point for new readers.


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Kate said...

I really want to read this! I've only read a bit of the first book in this series (I forget why I stopped) but it's definitely interesting and I think it'd be even more fun in graphic novel form!