Friday, November 25, 2011

REVIEW: CHALICE by Robin Mckinley


Chalice is a gorgeously rich fantasy narrative about a kingdom trying to find balance. Mirasol, a young beekeeper who has been chosen as Chalice for her village. Chalice is a symbolic and magical job that requires her to provide a variety of emotional balance to the earth itself as well as her individual village residents.

Every land however needs a circle to keep balance, a Master the land a circle of support.The Master and Chalice of Mirasol's kingdom died in an unbalanced quest for power. Now the younger brother oft the Master has been summoned from his meditations with the Fire priests, to come and take stewardship of this land.

This is such an amazing story! Marisol is a fantasy heroine that yo will love and admire. She accepts the title of Chalice and with little training makes the title her own. Her resonance with bees and honey adds rejuvenation properties to her land and the Master. The circle however isn't strong, so when an usurper seeks to come and take control it will take all of Mirasol's faith in herself and her innate power to save them all.

A satisfying read that will want you to seek out more of McKinley's work.



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