Saturday, November 5, 2011

REVIEW: FATEFUL by Claudia Gray

I really enjoy a book that can take me in a journey through the past. In Fateful Claudia succeeds at that and a lot more. It's April 1912 and Tess Davies walks the streets of Southampton England at a great risk. Sent on an impossible errand by her employer Lady Lisle, Tess runs afoul of a dangerous group of men and is rescued by a handsome young man.

She has little time to replay these events in her mind as she and the Lisles are off for a grand adventure: They are traveling on the Titanic. Tess is surprised to find her young rescuer there. His name is Alec, he is traveling with his father and is being shadowed by Mikhail a dangerous man with his vicious sights set on Tess.

Mikhail represents a brotherhood which is trying to force membership on Alec. A society of werewolves. as the days of the voyage unfurl Tess finds her self  drawn and repelled by a variety of situations. At the center is her growing affections for Alec and her desire to be free from the Lisle family.

I was so drawn into Tesse's life that I forgot for a brief moment that she was  on the Titanic! Tess is a well rounded heroine that readers can really connect with. She is brave and determined to help Alec with his struggles. The ship isn't big enough to hide her from Mikhail however and the chase creates the most dramatic parts of the narrative.

All these threads come to a thrilling apex as the Titanic moves closer to its fate. I devoured this novel in a day! It's my first Claudia Gray novel but definitely not my last.



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Playful Professional said...

Wow, this book sounds fantastic. I'm going to have to pick this one up. Thanks!