Thursday, November 24, 2011

REVIEW: HEXED by Kevin Hearne


Witches most foul come up against my favorite Druid  (and the last !) in the second of Kevin Hearnes's Iron Druid Chronicles. Barely recovering from the events in Hounded. Atticus is dealing with the repercussions of being a God Killer. A constant parade of deities trying to form alliances and figure out if he is willing to take out the Thunder God Thor.

It's a vicious magical attack however that gets his attention. He escapes death only to find himself in an uneasy alliance with a local coven to discover the hexers. Then there is that group of Bacchanals headed Atticus's way bringing lust and destruction with them. Did I mention the two Goddesses vying for Atticus' alchemical skills and his body?

It was so wonderful to step in Kevin's world for the second time. Atticus is such a well realised character. One page into Hexed and I sighed with enjoyment upon hearing his narrative voice again. Then there is Oberon , Kevin's faithful hound and the source of wonderful comedic elements. The action is more actiony, the witches gorgeous and hexy and it all culminates in an epic battle that leaves you wanting more of well EVERYTHING! Now onto Hammered, I can't imagine what wonders are up next.

Speculative Fiction fans will love this ! So find time to step into this wonderful series .


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