Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Slayer chronicles is a wonderful companion series to The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. I've only read book one of the Tod series so I knew a little about Slayers and Joss McMillan. In First Kill however we see the training path of the vampires greatest foes: The Slayers.
When Joss's sister Cecile is killed his Uncle Abraham comes to the funeral and tells him of the McMillan family's secret history. They come from a long line of Slayers, trained to destroy the vampire menace. Filled with thoughts of vengeance Josh agrees to the training and all a slayers life entails.
Auntie Heather has done it again! This is a wonderful read filled with action and surprises. I really enjoy Heather's characters. They are very real and easy to connect with. Joss is very different from Tod. His pain and need for vengeance lead him to blindly follow and accept the tenants of the Slayers, even make him blind to the startling identity of one of his teachers.
With a YA world rich with wonderful heroines it's nice to have the complement of interesting male characters. This book is very new reader friendly. I plan on catching up with the Tod books in order to be ready for book 2 of the Slayer chronicles.
Heather really has made me a fan of her Vampire world, I was really getting burned out until I discovered her books.

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