Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 DAY'S DAY 11: Capstone Books Gift Guide w/Review

CAPSTONE Has a wonderful line of young readers books featuring the pets of your favorite DC superheroes:

 The books combine prose stories with gorgeous four color illustrations. I thoroughly enjoy the whole line. They also focus on themes of friendship and cooperation. Here is a review of Backward BowWow that is available on NETGALLEY

Krypto is one of my favorite Super pets. In this adventure he is pitted against his opposite: Bizarro Krypto! Bizarro Krypto has crash landed on our planet and decides to be helpful. Unfortunately his way of helping is the opposite of normal! He becomes obsessed with breaking apart the dinosaur bones at a local museum and burying  them! Luckily Ace the Batdog and Krypto are here to save the day!  With  some help from Batman's butler Alfred, they are able to get this backwards pup back home. 

This is a really fun read. I love the look of this book, its so vibrant with smooth artistic lines. A quick but enjoyable read. I highly recommend this series!

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