Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 DAYS DAY 9: Have Yourself an Origami Christmas!



It's a wonderful feeling to  find a  middle grade read that is also a  treat for adults . In the Origami Yoda series, Angleberger infuses Star Wars fandom into a novel about a group of  middle grade friends. The group finds an unexpected ally in their powerful friend: Origami Yoda.
Origami Yoda is a finger puppet carried by Dwight. Dwight is a very unique young boy. He is a bit of a loner and doesn't seem that bright. Yet when he pulls out  Origami Yoda to answer his  fellow students questions, he channels and intelligence that is eerily accurate. 
The books take the form of  case files, with recollections by a variety of students on how Yoda has helped them. Book 1 is told mostly from Tommy's perspective, Dwight's friend  with some negative snippets of comments from Harvey, a non believer and soon to be creator of Darth Paper! Tommy is desperate to know if he can trust Yoda. Especially since he wants to ask his fellow classmate Sara for a dance!
Wonderful illustrations and an enveloping read that Star Wars fans of all generations will love. 

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