Friday, December 23, 2011

Nook Buddy 1: Freebies & Deals for nook Owners

Hi everyone! I found this great app called Books Buddy on my nook color. Its an app that lists free books, and specially priced ones as well. Here is what I got this week:


I've heard great things about this book, such a nice treat to get it for free.

This is a free novella and a prelude to the book Goblin King. Niccce cover ;)

99 cents
I heard good buzz about both of these and for a short time they are less than a buck! Snatch them up.


Remember him? ;) This book promises to change the way you see goblins forever! Sexy Times!


I love manga! This week Viz Media made a deal with nook to make a large amount of their manga digital. Ive already bought 3 volumes. The manga below is a great example of the variety of manga available. Saturn apartments is set in a future in which the Earth has been declared a nature preserve. Humanity now lives in satellites orbiting the earth. Download a free sample and you will love this series as much as I do:


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