Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Open Your Heart to Mr. Toast!


What I love about comics is the variety of books available. I'm also a huge fan of independent comic artists and publishers. Recently I found this delightful little comic by Dan Goodsell: Mr. Toast. Its possible you've seen Mr. Toast before, his T-shirts, buttons, art prints and many other goodies are available online and in select retailers.
This is a wonderful series full of fun and adventure. The first story in this book is called Hide & Seek. It has the whole cast: Mr. Toast, Shaky Bacon, Joe the Egg, Lil Leif , and others deciding to have a game and Mr. Toast is it! Artist Todd Webb assists in the art duties for this story as Toast goes through out the neighborhood and across the globe to find his friends.
It's a joy to read such a sweet, all ages read. This is a perfect book for families to read together and for all of us are young at heart :) Just visit the link above and I'm sure you will fall as much in love with Mr. Toast as I have
Here are a few cartoons from Dan's website:

Also check out TODDBOT for some cool art as well:

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