Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days Holiday Comics BATMAN NOEL by Lee Bermejo

PRICE: $22.99

A Christmas Carol doesn't really work for me as a novel. It never has. Something about the story only engages me visually. I've watched every version of A Christmas Carol I could find: animated, live action even a version with the Muppet's!
Now there is Batman : Noel, which has quickly become my favorite adaption of Dickens holiday classic and a book that is definitely going to be a yearly read. Lets start with the Art. The words Visual Feast barely communicate the beauty of this book. Every panel is filled with vibrant colors and exquisite detail. You could read this entire story with out one word balloon and still have a rich emotional experience.

The story opens with a narrative look into the life of Bob Cratchit. Bob is a desperate man. Desperate to make some extra money for his sick son Tim. He makes a bad decision to take a job from the Joker.

The Dark Knight isn't very far behind. However Batman seems unusually vicious in this encounter. He decides to make Bob bait in order to catch the Joker.

There is a darkness in Bruce Wayne. The death of his partner Robin has left a coldness in him that seems impenetrable. But this is Christmas Eve, and three visitations will let the Dark Knight experience his past and give him a glimpse of Gotham's possible future.

This is a wonderful read and a joy for Batman fans. Even if your history with Batman is limited to his movie adventures you can easily follow along with the story. Highly recommend this!

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