Wednesday, December 28, 2011

REVIEW : The DragonFly Prophecy by Jacquelyn Castle







There are some promising story elements in this book, but overall I struggled with it. Seventeen year old Lexi Blane has a perfect boyfriend and loving parents. She feels a bit stifled by, well everything. I really didn't like Lexi. I know that teens go through difficult phases, after all I was one :) The problem with Lexi is she is a brat. She snaps at her parent's and her boyfriend for the slightest things. When Lexi starts having strange visions and experiences connected to others, I really couldn't sympathize with her.
Even when she is given info from a Gypsy about the circumstances surrounding her strange powers, she lashes out at her families attempt to help.
There is an interesting explanation for Lexi's growing powers as she meets other gifted people and learns about her heritage. Interesting concepts but a main character that really turned me off so I really couldn't connect with the book.


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Orchid said...

It's always sad when the main character of book fails to make one care about them. Not sure I would have liked Lexi either. =)