Friday, January 13, 2012

Nook Buddy 2: Deals and Steals from the Nook World

Here are some great deals I found with my favorite app on my nook color: Books Buddy!


Every since I discovered Edith Hamilton's book:  Mythology, I've been fascinated with the genre. This book looks fascinating because it seems to blend fact with fantasy, plus it's free!

.99 cents

I've heard some positive buzz about this series so for a buck I thought I'd give book one a chance :)

I love this cover and the historical time period, it's about a young werewolf hunter.

So how about you guy's have you found any nook goodies I've missed?


Cherry said...

Witch And Wizard author's voice is fantastic, the plot is practically non-existent.

A Backwards Story said...

DANGEROUS ANGELS by Francesca Lia Block is free right now!