Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Here we are at issue four and Princess Adrienne is fully prepared for all her quests to come. She has a functional set of armor and a new companion in the armorer Bedelia. Now there is just the slight problem of a few guardsmen keeping her from her mission.
This is a very action packed issue. Adrienne and Bedelia manage to have a little fun in spite of the attacking guardsmen at their door.  Things turn dangerous really quickly however  when the guardsmen set the Blacksmiths house on fire.
This issue moved really quickly, lots of action! I enjoyed watching the companionship between the two girls. It's not often that you get to see such bonding between women in a comic book.
There is such a wonderful accessibility to this story and the characters. These are the stories for every little girl that's picked up a sword as well as a Barbie doll. It is a testament to the talents of Whitley, Goodwin and Dwonch  that they can effortlessly create a fun comic with wonderfully diverse characters.
Now that we have a full blown origin story for Adrienne I'm really looking forward to her beginning her quest to rescue her sisters. There is also  a great teaser ending that gives us a glimpse
of things to come.


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