Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Salon: The Great Book Purge of 2012

Happy Sunday everyone! This is my first Sunday Salon. Over the last couple of weeks I've enacted some tremendous changes in my living space. I've felt a strong need to clear clutter, and to have space in my home. I did a major clutter clearing ! Every cabinet checked and double checked for unused and neglected items.

The last step was attacking my TBR pile. Last year I read 302 books. I surprised myself with this number having challenged myself to only read 200 books. Despite that amazing number my bookshelf still teemed with unread books.

So I made a decision. I  got rid of over 120 books. I had accumulated these books over the past 3 years. the majority of them from Paperback Swap, used book stores and library sales. I'm aware that some of these books may have been fantastic, but I just couldn't bear to start another year with so many unread books . So I released them ! I'm confident that they will find good homes. My physical TBR pile now stands at 47 books. My goal is to finish all  of these books by March 15th.

I will be attending several fun events through out the summer including ALA National in Anaheim. I know I will come home with a ton of books but that's OK. Now that I have a firm grasp on bookshelves I'll be able to manage these books without a limited amount of stress.

I remember in years past how all the books on my shelves were read. When I walked into a bookstore because I had read everything at home. I want that feeling once more.  I never again want to look at my bookshelves and feel overwhelmed, instead I want the pride of achievement, to know that all the books I'm looking at have been read.

Happy reading to you all!



Leah said...

I'm in the exact same place right now! This is definitely a good year to start decluttering and keep life simple :)

I even did a post on it:

Good luck with your decluttering! :)

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

You're a better man than me, Kai! I just can't part with my books (although I did get rid of a couple of boxes when I organized and shelved them).

Also, wanted to check with you...and I know this is a dumb question probably...but are you still doing the read-a-thon this week? If so, you know the drill. Be sure to sign in at the starting line when you start reading. The post will be up at midnight tonight (Monday, 1/23 at 12:00am CST U.S. time). Have fun this week!