Thursday, February 2, 2012

REVIEW: 9TH GRADE SLAYS by Heather Brewer


The wonderful  adventures of Vladimir Tod  by Heather Brewer continues with Ninth Grade Slays!

Stepping back into Vlad's world was amazingly easy. Heather does a great job of catching up new and continuing readers. I love Vlad and Henry's relationship, their friendly banter and genuine affection for each other bleeds  through every chapter. I especially enjoyed Joss, Henry's cousin joining the group.  :)

We also learn a lot more about Vampire culture and Vlad's father in this book.  Vlad and Otis travel to Siberia to escalate Vlad's training with Vikas, a powerful vampire and friend to  Vlad's parents.

Vlad develops some incredible powers but finds a lot of his morals regarding humans and how to use his powers against them are very different from Vikas and the majority of the Vampire world.

When Vlad returns home he finds many forces are aligned against him. A killer is stalking him, a fellow student has photographic proof  of Vlad's powers and Vlad's most terrifying challenge : Asking Meridith out for a date!

Though I enjoyed book one of this series, there is a dramatic improvement in narrative style and pacing in this book. The multi textured world Heather is creating really comes to the forefront in this book. There was lot's of action, shocking revelations and a pulse pounding finale! I'm really drawn to YA books with male protagonists and Vlad has quickly become my favorite. If you haven't given this wonderful series a try do it now !


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