Wednesday, February 29, 2012

REVIEW: Buried by Linda Joy Singleton

I was a huge fan of Linda's Seer series. Though Sabine's story ended in a satisfying way it was still bittersweet saying goodbye to those beloved characters. So I was excited to see one of the characters: Thorn was getting a spin off series titled the Goth Girl books. Buried is the first of these books and I think the series is off to a great start.

Thorn is a Finder. She has a psychic talent that leads her to things she sometimes doesn't want to find.

Thorn is struggling a bit at her new school Nevada Bluff High. It's a small town community with narrow-minded perceptions.

Though Thorn has found common ground and friendships with fellow goth Rune and free spirit Amerie, she still struggles with her identity and her place in the family.

Her father has frequent bouts of anger and frustration due to his unemployment and her Reverend mother struggles to support Thorn despite the opinions of her congregation .

On top of that Thorn has found a locket that leads her to the remains of a baby buried in a location she couldn't possibly just have stumbled upon.

The sheriff is eyeing Thorn suspiciously ad she tries to track down the mother in the most unlikely of places: a school talent show!

I loved this book! I wouldn't label Linda's books simplistic but they are an easy read with a nice blend of humor and tension filled moments.

What I most enjoyed is the moments between thorn and her mother. Thorn really struggles with what her alternative looks mean for her family but it's who she is. Seeing her mother accepting Thorn just as she is was a very sweet and important theme.

I'm looking forward to more adventures from Thorn and her new friends

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Thank you for a great review!