Tuesday, February 28, 2012

REVIEW: Fire by Kristin Cashmore




Kristin Cashore is a special author to me. Her book Graceling was my first YA book in a really long time and my very first review on my blog! To say I was excited for Fire is an understatement! I rushed out and bought it in hardcover and prepared myself to devour it. Except I didn't. I struggled with the book and more so with the character Fire. So i put it on the shelf for a while and recently picked it up again.

Second Opinion? Still couldn't get into it, but I kept going. Soon I came to the realization that I was comparing Fire to Kasta from Graceling. What I found lacking in her was the strength, determination and bravery of Kasta.
When I stopped comparing the two and just focused on the narrative, that's when Fire revealed herself to me and I fell in love with the book.
Fire is set about 20 years before the events of Graceling.  Their is an appearance in the book of a young boy who readers of Graceling will recognize instantly, but it's not required that you read graceling to enjoy this book.
In the Dells monsters still live. Gorgeous colorful beasts who are a danger to the Dell's residents and even other creatures.
Then there is Fire, the last remaining human monster. Fire's brilliant hair and the ability to read and control minds makes her a frequent attraction to all around her, obsessively so. She resides on the property of Lord Cansrel a vassal of King Nash.  Cansrel's son Archer, is Fire's companion, protector and lover.

He is affected by her allure like many around her but his affection for her is genuine, as is his need to control her. The two engage in a subtle dance of love and love play that is disturbed by Prince Brigan who comes to bring Fire to King City to help reveal a plot against the kingdom.

Once Fire enters the world of Nash and Brigan she steps into a whole new world of intrigue and love.
It's when Fire encounters the two brothers that I also began to understand her character more. Fire has often put others before herself while living with Archer and his Father. Though King Nash becomes instantly obsessed with her it is Prince Brigan who intrigues her, who accepts her for all she is.
Fire does not immediately run to the solace of Brigand's arms instead guilt because of Archer's need for her as well as her own personal doubts cloud her emotions and actions.
This book reveals itself in a steady pace leading to climactic battles, heartbreak and hearts healed.
Though I struggled to grasp the book it really engaged and entertained me midway and through the ending .



Dominique. said...

This book looks so interesting. The idea is wonderful.
I've actually yet to read Graceling, is that one any good? Great review!

Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

Great review, although for me Fire was better than Graceling. So excited for Bitterblue to come out!