Saturday, February 11, 2012

REVIEW: The Moon Moth by Vance & Ibrahim



I was so excited to see this book on Netgalley! They have consistently impressed me with the wide variety of graphic novels they have had on their site lately. The Moon Moth is a wonderful blend of Science Fiction and Mystery. On a strange world where masks and music are the primary form of communication, Sir Thissell is assigned a consulate position of the planet Sirene.

Given only three day Thissell must learn to use a variety of musical instruments as well as the intricacy of the planets masks. Once connecting with other outsiders on Sirene Thissell is given a Moon Moth mask. This mask adequately displays his lowly non-threatening status on the planet. For three months Thissell works on learning the music language of the natives and how to communicate without offense.

Then an urgent message comes To Thissell, the dangerous killer Haxo Angmark is headed to Sirene. Theissell is ordered to capture Haxo but the pursuit becomes impossible. Haxo manages to impersonate one of  Thissell's companions. Now a desperate investigation takes place that puts Thissell's life and job at stake.

I've never read a book by Jack Vance but this graphic novel has inspired me to pick up some of his books. The illustrations by Humayoun Ibrahim are stunning! The lines of the art are clean and crisp but wonderfully rich and vibrant. I especially enjoyed the vibrant colors of the masks. This a great introduction to the graphic novel world for non comic readers as well s mystery fans.

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