Saturday, February 11, 2012

REVIEW: Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves




Jack the Ripper, Spring Heeled Jack, the man (or woman) has been the source of countless books and speculation. Jack also has had a great resurgence in fictional books lately and Ripper is an interesting take on the murderer. Set in London in 1888 just a short time before the murders, the focus of the story is Arabella Sharp.


Arabella was quite a puzzle to me in this book. Though she narrates the book I never felt like I truly new her completely. She is very strong willed and capable of protecting herself, but there is also a sense of aloofness that made it really hard to connect with her. Arabella has come to England to live with her grandmother following the death of her mother. Transplanted from Ireland to England brings a geographical and behavioral change for Abbie, she no longer has the freedom she once enjoyed. She must now focus on becoming a lady and marrying well. Salvation from this boredom comes in the form of an opportunity to work at the Whitechapel  Hospital. Under the tutelage of Dr. Julian Bartlett, Arabella quickly becomes a very proficient assistant, and becomes drawn to two very attractive young doctors Simon and William.


Both men arouse different feelings in Arabella . She has little time to focus on them initially due to long work hours and the disturbing visions she has begin experiencing  prior to and during the Ripper's  murders. Intrigues and secrets are slowly revealed as Arabella learns those closet to her are not who or what they seem.


I read Ripper in 2 days! Amy has created an interesting debut that keeps you turning the pages and yet there are a few plot hiccups that detract a bit from the overall story. I really loved William and Simon as well. they are both attractive in very different ways and both devoted to Arabella.


Reeves creates great suspense and chills, that make you anxious to figure out who the Ripper is. I did wish Arabella tried a little harder to focus her powers. She is  however quite capable without them. There is no damsel in distress here! In fact Arabella comes to the rescue of both her potential paramours in a very surprising manner. A very solid read that captured the time period and the gruesomeness of the Rippers brief reign.

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Christy D said...

I want to read this SO bad, but I don't think I have time for it right now. Ugh... I need to soon though. Great review.