Tuesday, February 21, 2012

REVIEW: War is Boring by David Axe & Matt Bors

I was really intrigued with this book. One of the great things about Graphic Novels is the variety of stories they can tell. War Is Boring is the true story of David Axe.  Working for a variety of news organizations like The Washington Times, C-Span and BBC Radio , David willingly steps into some of the most dangerous places on earth: Chad, Iraq, Afghanistan and when funds and work dry up Washington D.C.

This story does give you behind the scenes access in countries in the midst of war and tragedy but I couldn't connect with the man character at all. I definitely believed David was brave to willing chase stories in these countries, but I don't really feel the book revealed the main character to me emotionally. Instead the who book seemed like an illustrated book report, I cant imagine the emotions and drive that would cause someone to risk life and limb but David dosen't seem  driven by a journalistic passion. The whole narrative made me think David was numb and needed dangerous pursuits to feel alive.

Interesting overall but not a story that will stick with me


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