Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review:Danger Girl Treasury Edition

I really love over sized comics. It reminds me of my early comic reading years with over sized Marvel and DC reprint books.

Danger Girl is the creation of J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell. At first glance this book may look a little over sexualized . Once you start to read however you will fall under the spell of this bad ass spy girls!

We first meet Abby Chase on a job in Costa Rica , at the mercy of foppish bullish Donavin Conrad. Abby is trying to recover a golden skull from Donavin. Escaping from groping hands, Alligator's and countless wardrobe malfunctions Abby is successful
But no Woman is an Island and Abby has great and sexy help : Natalia Kassle, Sydney Savage and Silicon Valerie all come together to form one sexy team .

Yes many of the scenes in this book put the cheese in cheesecake but there is something wonderful about sexy women being sexy and kicking but!

A great introduction and definitely a series of graphic novels I'll keep reading.

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