Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: The Gathering Anthology Issue 6







The anthology format has always appealed to me. In the world of books I often discover new authors from collected fiction. In the Gathering books not only is the reader introduced to new and established talents, they also get to see stories grouped around a particular theme.

For issue six the theme is Horror, my favorite Genre!

This entire issue is solid from start to finish, but here are  some of my favorites :

Inflated Evil

Gary Hogan & Blake Sims

I love when horror can make you laugh! This short brutal little tale will make you think twice the next time a balloon comes your way

The Mistress

Sterling Gates & Cassandra James

The art on this story just blew me away! Look below for a sample. I've been a fan of Gates comic writing for awhile now , so I was looking forward to seeing a different type of story from him .  The Mistress is  the story of a neglected wife and her new lover. Not satisfied with living a luxurious life and a handsome lover, she decides to kill her husband. Nice twist ending :)

The Mistress by Gates & James


Jack Unblinking 
Travis M. Holyfield & Chris Page
From the first panel you will know who Jack is. That doesn't detract from the creepiness of this story. Jack lives in darkness , coiled and waiting, hoping for a glimpse of light and possibly salvation.
Really enjoyed this issue and I'm really impressed at what Grey Haven has produced and what' coming up from them in the future. 


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