Wednesday, May 9, 2012

REVIEW: Far from Here by Nicole Baart










Far from Here is a novel that makes me think I’m really missing out by not reading more Contemporary Fiction. Thanks to  my blog and the fine folks at Simon & Schuster, I’ve had access to this amazing book. From the first lines in this novel Danica Green is a character women can open themselves to. There is a stillness to Danica. A surface placidness that exists to ground the deep simmering fire in her heart. That fire is Etsell. Since meeting him in her teen years Danica’s entire existence has revolved around basking in the glory of their love. With Etsell all the fiery parts of Danica thrive and burn like tender to a flame.


The one thing Danica doesn't share with Etsell is his love of flying. For a while Etsell is content with his life. He makes a living giving flight lessons and seems happy in their small town life . Then an offer comes Etsell’s way. An opportunity to work in Alaska for three weeks, a location that has been Estell’s dream to visit.

What can Danica do? Despite her misgivings Etsell is adamant about going. As the weeks pass Danica keeps a silent vigil until a phone call in the middle of the night,changes her life forever. Etsell is missing. His plane was seen taking off and then simply vanished.

There are also rumors floating. Etsell wasn't alone, witnesses report a woman was riding in the plane with him. Now Danica must face her fears and travel to the place her husband longed for, and try to unravel the events that led to his disappearance.


This book unfolded into a vibrant, heartbreaking tale of love, secrets and healing. Nicole succeeds tremendously in creating Etsell’s character. Especially since we see him through Danica’s eyes and memories. I felt a strong kinship with Danica but was frustrated with Etsell. He had such a careless energy about him before he left for Alaska. I immediately thought the worst of him, but was really surprised at the revelations that came to light during the second half of the novel.


I also enjoyed seeing Danica’s family come in and out of her life. Etsell’s disappearance brings unexpected confrontations and healing.

A wonderful read! Perfect for book clubs. I’m really looking forward to more of Nicole’s books.

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