Saturday, May 5, 2012

WINNERS!: Batman Super Villains Strike

Happy Free Comic Book Day!


BEN, Victoria, and ADAM


I have a great book to give away to 4 lucky readers!

Hope you all stopped into a local comic shop and picked up some great goodies!
Choose Your Own Fate Novel
OK. I confess. I squealed a little when I got the email from Tor telling me this fun book was on it's way to me. I love comics and Batman is one of my favorites. Super-Villains Strike is an adventure book for ages 6-12 as well as the inner child in us all :)
This book is similar to the choose your own adventure novels but you have the chance to get some helpful clues thru interactive puzzles and games. Our story opens with a quick update: You the reader, are Batman! Through your own actions you will chose the outcome of your adventures.
Oh poor Batman! In a few short minutes I had him tied up by Catwoman, gassed by Poison Ivy, and put on ice by Mr. Freeze. I kept plugging along however and thanks to some helpful puzzles I completed my quest!
Michael Teitelbaum has written a very engaging book. The narrative is easy to read yet intricate enough to keep youentertained. This book is a great way to get kids into reading prose novels . I also enjoyed the balance of male to female characters. The interior art is Black & White but very true to the DC comics imprint. A successful start to what I hope will be a series of novels .
Thanks to the fine folks at Tor I have 4 copies of this book to give away! TO THE RAFFLECOPTER!

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