Tuesday, May 22, 2012

REVIEW : Knocked out by my nunga-nungas by Louise Rennison




‘Knocked” is the third book in the series featuring the diary entries of Georgia Nicolson. Georgia is a riot! A Brit teen that has a vernacular that will have you howling and turning to the back of the book for explanations :) What I really liked about this book is how easy I could figure out the characters and the situations despite not reading the other books in this series.

Georgia is going through a series of changes in this volume. She is feeling a bit slighted by her friends, is having snogging withdrawal due to the absence of her sex god boyfriend and she has to go on a family trip to Scotland. Lots of fun and madcap adventures. Louise really captures the teenage mentality and this book never “reads” like a book but like a peek into a diary.


This One Thing

There was one thing that bothered me in this book though. Twice Georgia uses the word lesbian or lessies in a way I didn't enjoy. Yes it was humorous, and not meant to be derogatory. But I think it’s important that YA novels work to overcome language and negative patterns, even if that is the way teens may talk. Overall though this is a great book and definitely a series I will follow.

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Bittner said...

I love this series! Georgia is so great! She is fun and energetic and completely crazy! And yes, she does make one too many comments about lessies for my taste, but she is also horribly disrespectful to her parents and I don't like that either.