Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ARMCHAIR BEA DAY 4: Beyond Your Blog


Hello everyone! This is going to be a short post :) Today's topic is about opportunities beyond your Blog.Since I started my blog I've had two opportunities to write for other sites:

This site is where I get my geek girl fix! Under the name Yogikai I write comic reviews, conduct interviews. have gotten press passes to Comic Book Conventions and even gotten some fun swag :)

This is an amazing group of creative women that I'm pleased to belong to. The League is a place for women to share their geeky pleasures and spotlight projects they are working on. 

I never thought I would be sharing my thoughts on such a public forum as a blog much less these fine sites:)

Happy BEA'ing!


Violette Severin said...

Writing for Comic Book Therapy is awesome! I have never heard of it before and when I finish writing this comment I am going back to the site and take a closer look at it.

fredamans said...

Two new sites to me... thanks for sharing!