Thursday, June 28, 2012

Geeky Summer Reads 1: RedShirts by John Scalzi


The word GEEK has really expanded over the years. All of us have something we "geek" out about! So for the next couple of weeks I'm going to be posting reviews  for the geek in all of us! Star Trek is one of the best known Science Fiction franchises in the world. I'm a huge fan ,so I was super happy when I heard about the book below:


Review Copy

IT"S A TRAP!! OOPS! Wrong Fandom ;) Though to be honest wearing a RedShirt in the Star Trek Universe is kind of a death wish!

If you have glimpsed even a few minutes of any episode of Star Trek you will know the meaning of this books title. Redshirts were young Ensigns assigned to Starships. They were the newbie's and pretty often cannon fodder! Watch enough reruns of Star Trek and a pattern begins to emerge:
Part of a landing party with a few senior officers? Your the RedShirt and probably deceased by the midway station break.
Get married in the opening minutes of an episode and have to run off to your post when warning alarms sound? Your probably a RedShirt and sorry to say wont be having a honeymoon!
Scalzi takes the premise of the doomed young ensign and weaves it into the goings on aboard the Universal Union Capital Ship Intrepid.
Andrew is newly assigned to the famous ship as a member of the xenobiology laboratory. Andrew is immediately taken aback by his superiors actions. Everyone is on edge and secretive. When Andrew begins to compare notes with his fellow ensigns some disturbing patterns come to light. Now Andrew is looking for a way out of the RedShirt trap, and it will take him and his fellow ensigns to strange new worlds on a seemingly impossible mission.


Scalzi is a master humorist! This novel deftly blends action and comedy. I had the giggles through many scenes and some really good laugh out loud moments. What surprised me though is how the tone turned midway through this novel. I don't want to give much away because its an interesting twist, but I will say its a fascinating exploration into the relationship of writers and their audience. Scalzi also shines with the characterization. Though I heard some complaints that the characters were a little one note, I found them all very memorable and really enjoyed the energetic and funny exchanges between Andrew and his fellow Ensigns.


This is a stellar read, perfect for a Geeky Summer! Load it in your preferred data pads or go old school and pick up the book. Its perfect entertainment for those long SDCC lines or relaxing by the pool. Be warned however you will get interesting looks when your giggling like crazy our yelling out HA! at random times.
And for all those who don't know their lightsabers from their tricorders? No problem, this is a very user friendly book everyone can enjoy.

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Vasilly said...

This book sounds like a winner! I'm going to see if my library has it.