Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Ten by Gretchen McNeil


Balzer + Bray/ Harper Collins

Ten teens,  A killer house on a lonely island, Ultimate party ? Mayyyybe. Ok No! Barely into their first night and the teens find a video marked “Do not watch”, which they do, and then find out that the whole trip is a trap! Each of them is there because of slights they have committed against someone.Slights that mean the all must die.

Corpses start to pile up , kids freak the hell out, and best friends Meg and Minnie are at the center of it all. Gretchen doesn’t skimp on the chills or the body count as this book leads to it’s climax. I really enjoyed Meg’s character. Almost as much as I hated her friend Minnie! The great thing about Gretchen’s writing is that all her teen characters play realistically. I really connected with Meg’s desire to support her best friend but at the same time I hated watching the way Minnie manipulated her.

Very climactic ending, though I figured out what was going to happen if not who, the culprit was. This is a fun summer chill read. Hang by the pool and immerse yourself in this quick, dark read.

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Lizzy said...

This one sounds spooky! Now, if only September would get here quickly (except...not. I love summer).