Monday, July 2, 2012

GEEKY READS 2: Books To Soothe Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal!

So you’ve read all the books, Season 2 has wrapped and your wondering What Now? Today I’m going to feature some great books with a Fantasy edge Game of Thrones fans will love. Special Bonus? Many of these books have kickass female leads. Lets get to it:

In the world of GRACELING certain humans are born with a grace. You can tell them apart from other humans because their eyes will be two different colors. The Graces can range from being an excellent weaver, a stellar cook, a certain way with horses or healing or in the case of our Heroine Katsa, a talent for murder. Katsa is an enforcer for her liege lord, inspiring obedience across the kingdom. Until one day Katsa takes a job she cannot complete and a boy who will change her life forever. Set in a feudal medieval world Graceling is a page turning fantasy read. highly recommend it !
Two kickass assassin's defying the binds of their gender and fighting to survive in harsh worlds!

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A darkness is flooding the kingdom and one young woman finds the she possesses a hidden power that might save her world.


In the world of Tril Barrons are bound to Healers. Kaya is a Healer who desperately wants to fight. Her passion and the man brave enough to teach her will upset the balance of her world. So excited for this series! Brewer is the successful author of the Vladimir Tod series that I will be discussing soon :)


Atlantis, Gods, MONSTERS!! Yes please!

Be sure to check out these fine books while waiting and waiting and hell, WAITING!! For more Game of Thrones goodness.


TG said...

I'm reading Grave Mercy right now and have an e-ARC of Throne of Glass waiting. I'm set! I'm hoping the success of Game of Thrones means there'll be tons of fantasy novels to try.

Jae @ Book Nympho said...

I can't wait to read Shadow and Bone. It looks amazing!