Monday, August 27, 2012

My Geeky Week 2- Reading Comics In Public As Fan & Woman!

Happy Monday Everyone! There are some really great geeky things going on for me this week: A new Doctor Who mini-series called Pond Life is debuting every day at the BBC AMERICADC COMICS is debuting a new, racially diverse Green Lantern, (sob, bye Hal!), and tomorrow is International Read Comics In Public Day!
RCIP is a great event that started 3 years ago. The goal is to let your geek flag fly! Read comics at work, on the bus, on the train, on the street , on your feet! Just show your comic loving self to the world and maybe inspire someone to give comics a chance! What I love most about this event is that my "worlds' can collide! Lots of bloggers are graphic novel and manga fans so come join us! Here is a poster from the creators of the event on how to participate.
Though the website is listed on the illustration, the official event site is now on Facebook HERE
One of my favorite females on Twitter is Sue of the blog DC Women Kicking Ass. She has created a complementary event to RCIP called Women Read Comics in Public. This is such an important event! Not only is it a great fellowship for female comic fans, but it also can serve as visual proof that Women DO love, read and more importantly BUY comics! I think this is often overlooked by some of the major comic publishers who seem to tailor most of their product towards men. There is a special tumbler to post pictures for this event HERE . I will be participating in both events! Check them out, and Happy Reading!

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