Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Keeping Cool

It's been HOT!! Very HOT! So a lot of my effort this week has been on keeping cool.
                                                       Cool Reads
I've been a part of the Summer Wrap Up Readathon this week and I've Read 8 books! Here are 2 of my favorites:
 I've also been working on keeping my emotions in check, especially while driving, heat makes people irritable and Road Rageish!

 I've noticed a lot of my clients have been feeling a lot of stress lately: worries about the economy, marriage stresses and general anxiety. I've really been tapping into yoga and energy work to keep my balance. I've always loved my job as a Massage Therapist but now more than ever I realise the importance of my work.

The human body has such a strong reaction to physical stress and mental struggles. It's a gift to be able to ease those feelings out of a body and create a space for physical and emotional healing. My job also requires  keeping my self in balance, which requires a modicum of healthy selfishness so I can be healthy and radiate that to my clients and the world.

Now I'm off to yoga and a day of reading and relaxing :) Hope your Sunday is relaxing!

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