Sunday, September 9, 2012

REVIEW: Life Happens Next by Terry Trueman



Companion Novel to Stuck In Neutral

This is my first novel by Terry Trueman. ‘Life” picks up where the previous novel Stuck In Neutral leaves off. From the opening lines this book had my heart. This exploration of a family living with a teen who has Cerebral Palsy, also looks at the possibility of a spark of awareness in a body unable to communicate.

Through Shawn’s inner voice we learn about his Father’s attempt to kill him, his love for a beautiful girl he can never talk too and a surprising addition to his family that is able to see the inner Shawn.
This is such a special book and one that will resonate with me for some time. I especially loved hearing Terry’s personal recollections at the end of the book and the conditions that inspired the book.

Definitely a five star/heartwarming read.

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