Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Salon: Welcoming Fall


It's kinda funny talking about fall when its probably 90 degrees here in Sunny California! However Fall is shift that naturally begins no matter what the temperature: Children are back in school, leaves are changing color, Halloween shops are popping up and i actually saw gift wrap and ornaments in Costco yesterday !

I have two books that I turn too whenever the seasons begin to change:

Herbal Rituals by Judith Berger

AVictorian Grimoire by Patricia Telesco

These books really help me to move through the seasons feeling grounded and appreciating all the different seasons have to offer.
In Herbal Rituals the key words for September are "Turning and Returning"
The wheel of the year has once again come back to fall. We also return some time honored traditions with Family & Friends: Thanksgiving and Winter holidays.
What I love a bout my "Grimoire" is a glimpse into the past, and information about how the Victorians celebrated the seasons. So many of my clients find themselves stressed by the obligations and expenses of the holidays. Though its great for my massage business, I try to share with them tools to bring more joy and less stress to their lives.
So now I internally prepare for Fall despite the weather :) Time to dust off the winter decorations, move the long sleeve shirts to the front of my closet and make goals for the end of the year. Happy Sunday Everyone!


Vasilly said...

Awww. Great post, Kai! It is strange to be talking about Fall in SoCal but maybe if we talk about it more, it'll come faster. :-) I don't think I have any books around that I turn to for Fall but I think I need to change that.

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