Wednesday, October 3, 2012


With a growing number of readers becoming interested in comic books and Graphic Novels the library is a natural place for potential readers to check out a variety of books. One of the goals for my Blog is to show people the variety of Graphic Novel and Manga that will entertain and challenge them mentally.
So I was disappointed to see the great number of books that I would label a "must" for potential comic readers are consistently challenged. Here are some mini- reviews of some of my favorite reads and a flashback review on one of my favorite Manga: The Color of Earth.
A graphic memoir of Art's Fathers experience during the Holocaust. Raw, tragic and one of the most life affirming books I have ever read. Art's father isn't an easy man to like but it is astounding that he lived through one of the worst periods in human history.
Appropriate for Teens & Adults

The world of Watchmen is a surreal exploration of the relationship between humans and costumed Superheroes in a world of economic turmoil and war. Moore and Gibbons elevated the traditional superhero story into a tragic masterpiece.

Appropriate for 18 + to Adult Readers

Blankets is A raw, fragile yet beautiful exploration of a young man coming to grips with his families faith, and his first love. Craig bravely opens his heart and his history to the reader. It is relateable and beautiful.

Appropriate for 18 + and Adults

I would highly recommend all of these graphic novels and the Manga below. Give them a try!

The Color Of Earth 

"In a timeless village in rural Korea young Ehwa and her widowed mother live quietly together,best friends and confidantes" Kim Dong Hwa



The color of earth is a gorgeously illustrated Black and white Manga. The First in a trilogy of books about the life and loves of a mother in daughter in rural Korea. Manga as well as Comic Books are often an undiscovered country for most readers. The left to right format and translation hurdles often keep people from trying them. What I love most about manga is the variety of themes and genres that fit under the umbrella of the word "manga"

In this first volume we see Ewha on the cusp of womanhood. She is beginning to notice the change in her body as well as boys. Her mother a widow and tavern owner encounters a travelling artist that stirs her heart. Ewha meanwhile is feeling the first blossoming of love for a young boy working at a local Buddhist temple. This series is in the American format of right to left. There are great scenes that express the landscape and spirituality of the Korean people.
Kim Dong Hwa is a master storyteller and artist. He seems to be heavily influenced by the women in his life as well as his own fascination with a woman's heart.:) I would recommend this book for teenagers and adults. there is some nudity but it is handled artistically. One thing that might be troublesome to readers is the blatant sexual suggestively and sometimes blatant verbal abuse Ehwa's mother endures running the tavern. It doesn't amount to physical abuse but it is a little disturbing. These scenes are limited though and don't detract from the overall beauty of the series.

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