Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Geeky Week: Zombie State of MInd


Season 3 of The Walking Dead is just 4 days away! As these pics from the AMC  site show it's time for one of the series most popular and emotionally charged Arc of the comic series: The Prison!

Most of this month has been devoted to Zombie themed enjoyment so here is what I've been geeking on this week : BRAIIINS!


I've decideed to re-read the story Arc of the Governor and the prison from the walking dead comic. If the show translates a tenth of everything that happens in the books to the screen, fans are in for an amazing season!

What I'm Watching:
I'm going to be watching Season 2 of the show to refresh my memory and relives some of my favorite episodes of season 2. It's also time for my yearly zombie movie marathon: A little Resident Evil, 28 Days later and its sequel 28 weeks later, and of course  Night of the Living Dead.


Two of my favorite Zombie series have new volumes out this fall:

So basically Zombies are ruling my world right now :) Have yourself a Geeky Week.

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