Monday, October 22, 2012

REVIEW: Darkwater by Catherine Fisher



I have a confession. I couldn't really get into Incarceron. I know, I know its so well reviewed and loved but I just couldn't connect with it. When I saw this arc at ALA I was immediately drawn to the gargoyle cover. The story was intriguing as well : Sarah lives a life of poverty next to a once great hall her grandfather gambled away. She works as a servant at a miserable boarding school as her anger and frustration builds.

Now she is given a choice by the mysterious Azrael, she will be given 200 years to reclaim Darkwater and atone for the families greed . At the end of that time Sarah will owe one thing in return: Her Soul.

Tom passes and now we are in present day Darkwater Hall. Sarah has built a school open to all who can pass the testing process. Fifteen year old Tom is desperate to enter the school at any cost, and Azrael is willing to add another soul to his quest for the Great Work.

I really enjoyed this book! It really tricks you! Who is evil and who is good is not truly clear. There are elements of alchemy, a little magic and suspense. The action and tension really move forward mid way through the read. I was surprised at the outcome and enjoyed the characters journey.

This novel appears to be a stand alone, though I could see the characters and situations returning in quite easily.

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