Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Slayer Chronicles: Second Chance by Heather Brewer

I have severe Vlad withdrawals! Heather ended Vlad's adventures perfectly, but still I miss the world Joss and Vlad inhabit.

Like the title, with Joss's adventures we get a second opportunity to learn more about the Slayers and what Joss was up to when he was separated from Vlad.
I really enjoyed the flow of Second Chance a lot more than First Kill. The opening chapters were quite sobering as we see the dysfunction in Joss's home. His parents move like zombies through their life since the death of their daughter Cecile.

The harshness in their interactions is a by product of their grief but I felt do angry at them on Joss's behalf .
Heathers gift as a writer is to touch on themes that a lot of us have felt as teens. These pains, fears and guilt can follow us through adulthood and perpetuate negative cycles.

I love Joss's heart and his strength to move forward despite his home situation. When Abraham orders him to come to Manhattan, it is a gift, a means to escape the tension at home.

Joss is brought into the Slayer community in New York and asked to help solve a murder investigation.

The action really picks up once Joss is in the city. I enjoyed watching Joss shine among his slayer companions.

In many ways Joss is in impossible situations. What shines brightest for him is to avenge his sister yet the world isn't just black and white, it's the shades that tug at his heart, shake the foundations of his world and make his future seem uncertain.

If you haven't read any of the Vlad books yet or are in the mood for a re-read I recommend pairing these books with Vlad's adventures, it will bring a new element to the series.


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