Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Making Lists

Happy Sunday everyone! I've had a bit of a slow work week. It happens in my field as a self-employed Massage Therapist but I've noticed I have a habit of stressing about money when my schedule is low. It's amazing how stress and fear can create a physical block in your life. This week however I decided to do something a little different. I decided to look at this week as an opportunity.
So I got a special journal and made some Lists. I decided to tackle some things I've been meaning to do personally, professionally ( massage stuff) and my blog. I also read A LOT! Which makes me happy since Nanowrimo (national novel writing month starts next Thursday).
The interesting thing is the minute I started these lists I got three additional clients! So though I thought I would do a lot more, I'm glad I got some additional work and now  have a master list to turn to when things are a little slow. Here is what I accomplished:
1) Wrote 12 Days posts (my Christmas event)
2)Wrote reviews for spotlight week on A Treasury of Victorian Murder
3)Wrote reviews for Graphic History week
4) Made a list of series books I'm reading
5) Went through my Publishers catalogs and made a wish list of books.
6) Brought a mini- calender to schedule my blog
7) Brought mailers for prize mailings
8) Kept up with Gym workouts
9) Brought sneakers
10) Brought file folders to update receipts
11) Read 5 books!
12) Caught up on reviews, and have the entire month of November blog posts scheduled.
I'm hoping to scratch off some more things off my list since I have today off but first  I'm going to have breakfast and see a movie!
Hope your Sunday is relaxing! Happy Reading!

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Karen said...

Good for you!

I tend to have many lists...scattered everywhere lol

I know where they are though and they do help. I started using sticky notes on my computer so I can glance at the screen to know what I have to do for my blog.