Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Geeky Week: Hobbits, Death Stars and Monkey Brain Comics

Hello everyone Happy Wednesday. As I write this I'm listening to this:
 The soundtrack to the Hobbit doesn't officially release til December tenth but the fine folks at Empire magazine have the entire soundtrack available to listen to for FREE starting today! Go HERE to take a listen. It's a great soundtrack, I'm really considering buying it.

I've officially started my Journey through Tolkien's literary world by reading the Hobbit. I've tried many time to read The Lord of the Rings to no avail. I've enjoyed all the movies but could never get through the book versions. When I heard The Unputdownables were hosting a read along of the Hobbit I signed up hoping the online support would help me "get through it".

 I have to say that I've fallen in love with this book. Since the read along lasts through December we are only doing a few chapters at a time and I can't wait to get too the next chapter. My favorite chapter so far has been: Riddles in The Dark. Its amazing the dramatic tension the reader feels during Bilbo and Gollum's wordplay. Even knowing the story of Lord of the Rings I still felt somehow Bilbo wasn't going to make it out alive. I'm so looking forward to this movie but I have to say I still don't see how three movies are going to be made from this book without seriously dragging out events from the book.

If you are planning a re-read of The Hobbit I suggest you visit this site:
Read The Hobbit
It's full of wonderful information about the book and great reading guides and  questions if you are reading with a book group.
I'm also doing another group read starting Friday:

Leia aka Lady Vader of IHOGEEK started a Facebook group called Official Star Wars Book Club. I'm so excited for this! Talking about books and Star Wars are my favorite pastimes and now they are together :) :)

MONKEYBRAIN is a digital comics Imprint by one of my favorite creators Chris Roberson, and his wife Allison Baker. When I heard that the company was donating it's profits (after paying creators) to Hero Initiative through out November I knew it was time for me to catch up on some of their releases.

So far I've bought and LOVED the two part Spirit of the Law by Brandon Seifert and Michael Montenat. This is a dark tale of mobsters on a "routine" job that turns horrible wrong.For Them. I've enjoyed Brandon's work on Witch Doctor by Image comics so it was nice to see him work in a different time period with different characters. Michael's art is stunning , I would love to see this series continue great art & story and wonderful dramatic tension.

So that' what I've been geeking on this week :) Happy Reading

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Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I'm reading along on The Hobbit too. It's a reread for me. I read it years and years ago. It's a good one. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Perhaps you'll be able to take on LOTR again. I read it as each film was released and I really loved it. It certainly is an epic tale. Tolkien was a genious, in my humble opinion.