Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review; Crossed by Ally Condie

Matched Book 2
Confession time. I caved to the hype machine that followed Ally's first book Matched. I was fortunate to receive Matched as a gift from the Book Blogger Holiday Swap. I did the "Happy Book Dance" around my apartment and then settled down to read it. It was.....OK. I really couldn't see what every one was so enthralled over. Since Ally was a debut author I decided to give crossed a chance. I didn't feel I could fairly judge her writing with just one book.
I'm so glad I gave Crossed a try! The promise Condie showed in Matched has blossomed to full blown talent. Crossed starts a short time after Matched. Cassia has been working in camps in the Outer Provinces, desperate to find a clue to Ky's whereabouts. Through alternating chapters we learn about Ky's life as well. the tension is palpable as each alternating chapter finds the two closer together, yet frustratingly far apart.
 Both Cassia and Ky hold tight to the memories of their past times together. But will those emotions sustain them in the reality of their world? And what about Xander? Cassia has made her choice, but her friendship with Xander is not something she is willing to give up.
I loved everything about this book! What I loved most about Cassia this time around is that she is not just chasing after a boy. Instead she is discovering different facets of her self inspired by her love for Ky. Because the world she lives in does not pave a smooth path for her to be with Ky, so she must decide if she is willing to leave her world or work with the Society to create a world where the two of them to thrive.
I also liked that Ally hasn't created a typical love triangle. Instead Cassia, Ky and Xander are three people whose lives have become intertwined. I didn't really feel like it was Xander vs Ky but I loved that Xander will not go quietly to the friend zone!
A wonderful read, with some great additions to the cast of characters, I'm counting the days til Reached!

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