Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James




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So unless you've been under a rock for the last couple of years you have heard about 50 Shades. I'll confess I wasn't very interested in the book when I heard it was partially erotica, ( just not my genre). I couldn't help but be curious about the book when all the hype began. That quickly disappeared when I read a lot of mixed reviews, and many claims of it being the "worst book ever written".
So I made a promise:  If I received a copy of the book for review or as a gift I would read it. Several months have passed  since then and just a few short weeks ago a client gave me the first book in the series. Time to keep my promise!
So I've read the first book and I have to say I'm intrigued. Yes there is some cringe worthy dialogue choices and some repetitive descriptions,
 ( I would love to know how many times the words "flushed"  and "blush" were used in this book) , yet I kept turning the pages.
There has been a lot written about the inaccuracies this book propagates about the Dominant & Submissive lifestyle. What James does show us about the world is fascinating, and she has a right as a writer to embellish or possibly diminish it as she sees fit. No where in the book did I get the feeling  that she was trying to present herself as an expert, instead it seems to be more of an exploration based on some generalized facts about the Dominant & Submissive lifestyle.

Anastasia is an interesting character. She is naive in many aspects but there is something about here that engages the reader. She is a perfect template for the reader to follow into the world of Christian Grey. 
Christian is an interesting character as well. With many romances I will find myself drawn to the lead character but Christian was hard to like at first. As more and more became revealed about him I felt some compassion for him but I found myself wanting him to change for Ana's sake.

 If the world of books  were to be compared to chocolate, I would say my tastes ran more towards Godiva as far as plot and story requirement's go, but there is nothing wrong with a good Hershey bar now and again :)
Shades is really enjoying its 15 minutes of fame and I'll confess to being a little bit hooked! I'm  looking forward to my friend finishing the other two books in the series and sending them my way. 

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