Friday, November 30, 2012

Review : The Forever Contract by Avery Sawyer

Novella's have become an important tool in the digital world of reading and publishing. Novella's are perfect for enhancing readers experiences in established series's and in the case of The Forever Contract, a way to showcase a writer and an exciting new world.
In this Dystopian novella we meet Casey and James. These two young adults live in a world of lack and devastation. Global warming, overpopulation and food shortages make life a daily struggle. No wonder a great many people in Casey's town choose the Forever System. The system frees you from your bodies needs and the suffering of the world. Menders of the system have their consciousness digitally uploaded to the system.
The contract allows the system managers to care for your body while your consciousness allows you to create a virtual heaven with everything you could want or need.
Casey is on the cusp of joining the system and her brother Ben. Only the disapproval of her boyfriend James makes her doubt her choice. So Casey convinces James to help her break into her brothers storage area and see how he is doing. The shocking revelations the two make reveal the truth behind the perfect world the contract promises.
I was really surprised at how much action and story development Avery crated in under 50 pages. I was really able to connect with the characters and care about how the story would turn out. The most interesting part of this story is how possible it really is.
I would love to learn more about this world :)

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